G&G Bio BB 0.25 wit 4.000 Stuks


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De nieuwe G&G Bio bb’s wit van kleur.

Deze bb’s zijn biologisch afbreekbaar en worden geleverd in een hersluitbare zak van 1 kilo.
Diameter 5.95 + 0.01mm
4.000 stuks

  • Package contains 4.000 bb’s.
  • Available in White color.
  • BB pellets manufactured by G&G Armament are high precision products.
  • G&G Armament control the tolerance within 0.005mm, which is the most precise BB pellets in the market.
  • The G&G Bio BBs are the solution to affordable high quality bulk airsoft ammunition.
  • Perfect surface and precise size for incredible air-seal and feeding.
  • Bio bb’s from G&G Armament are true bio degradable
  • G&G Armament’s BB pellets are well known for the best choice for high precision barrels and jam free BB pellets.
  • These BBs are double polished and have tight manufacturing tolerances to guarantee zero air bubbles, which translates into flawless feeding and consistent accuracy.

Extra informatie

Gewicht 1.005 kg


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